“The artist is never alone. She is always together with the forms she creates, the shapes, the lines and her colors. In the case of Domna Delliou this is more obvious as her forms are mainly people, girls and boys, men and women who provocatively dominate the picture instead of being secondary motives in the composition.

Faces, fragments of faces or bodies become the dress of rough, natural materials (such as rocks, wood but even newspapers) and intensify the intimacy of the expression. Even every day objects -chairs, wooden trunks etc. -are transformed in a fascinating way into objects of art that bear obvious marks of handcraft.

Domna's world of painting, always understandable and recognizable, creates his own peculiarity inherited from the Popular and Byzantine art but also from her personal imaginary space of forms and shapes. Many fragments of Human History are met and used in her paintings. The pre historical art through the Cycladic statuette, the archaic and classic statues of Kouros and Kores, the art of Fayum, the Byzantine painting, the popular painting find a common meeting point without any affectation. In the strong penetrating eyes, in the deep intense glances of the faces the Byzantine & Popular master painters meet the painters of Egypt, the art of graphic design and advertising. Looking at her work we discover that all these fragments from the past return to present through a joyful but sometimes also blue painting referring directly to the only timeless subject, man.

In Domna's art through a very charming way all the treasure of human cultures and traditions become inexhaustible sources of her creation. Feelings and emotions are marked in the memory through the playful brushes of the artist and the faces with the large brown eyes speak to us louder than any scream and sound. Even if you visit her studio you will feel the crowd and the eyes staring at you through her paintings.”

Thouli Misirloglou, Art Historian


Domna Delliou at her studio in Thessaloniki. 
Photo Credits: Aris Akritidis

During the last 20 years, Domna Delliou paints mainly in wooden surfaces using acrylic colors.

She has held solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Dedicated herself to painting following a 25 years career in graphic design.

She is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.